Hockey Stick Rack - Original

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This is our Original "Wall Mount Hockey Stick Rack" that started it all... 

Specifically designed to get those hockey sticks off the ground. The Evolution stick rack provides a home base for your entire collection.

Now you can keep those sticks off the ground, separated and organized!  The unique patented  double-decker design keeps sticks securely in place... no swaying or swinging.

  • Wall Mount Hockey Stick Rack (Dimensions: 4" tall x 3-1/8" out x 24" long)    Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Keeps sticks off the ground and organized. You can suspend off the ground entirely or when lowered    you can lean them against the rack (blades touching the ground) for a more traditional use.
  • Holds 8 sticks (All Sizes fit from Jr. to Adult size shafts... composite or wood).
  • We utilize the gravity of the stick and tape on the knob to accomplish this perfect system.
  • Double decker design keeps sticks straight, No swinging. Also allows for a high or low hang spot.
  • The stick rack also holds pucks, tape, wax & more.
  • Made of high impact ABS plastic... Lightweight & Durable!
  • Installs in minutes in to any Drywall or Stud wall.   (hardware included)
  • Made in the USA.


       Attachments fit our Hockey/Lacrosse Multi-Sport Rack Only.